Clear your business blocks in no time!

Core Competences – Power Sesasions for your Business

With my 3 Core Competencies (intensive coaching tools)
– Golden Tulip – return of vitality
– Prepare the soil for miracles
– Dried Tears – Turning Point of Your Being
I can release stuck business blocks and clear the way to your calling, abundance, energy and success.

A quantum leap to go. Beyond compare!

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• Dried Tears – Turning Point of your Being. Get ready for a new language, a new business and your being.

With the Core Competence Session nothing will be the same as before! Chakras, cells, aura layers, consciousness will be unformulated to the language of the new earth. What remains is boundless joy, your being and space for new impulses of creation – also for your business! Unique!

Available once 500 € or in a 3 month accompaniment (3 sessions) 1500 € plus VAT.
Contact us and we will arrange a non-binding conversation!

“Jyotima’s core competence <<Turning Point of your Being>> works on me like a quantum leap. Quite naturally, old things can be let go – without effort. During this work she has dissolved patterns that were still “stuck”, so that it is possible to start liberated into the “new”. Loosened from the no longer needed burden, new paths are recognizable and can be taken with ease.”
Saganji Michaelis

“I notice it much faster since then when I am not in unity with myself!” Farsh Nardon

“Like a reprogramming, a total quantum leap!” Sarina Rottmann



• Prepare the Soil for Miracles
A manifestation tool for accepting miracles in your life!

Preparing the ground for miracles makes it possible that:
– you love and accept yourself completely;
– that you see the miracles in your life and can see the path to fulfillment, wealth and happiness;
– you see the world in the colors as it really is and walk your life path successfully. Expect Miracles!

In 1-3 sessions and with 3 steps to the waiting miracles in your life, calling, abundance.

Ask me if it can help anything on your topic. More then in the conversation.

Compensation: 800 €, according to your income possibly less.


“The Core Competence “Preparing the Soil for Miracles” of JyotiMa is priceless. Carried by her golden heart, she guided me empathetically, sensitively and with a lot of humor through the various transformative steps.

Even after two months this wonderful work still has an impressive effect. Especially beautiful was the moment after the last session. My whole being was flooded with golden waves of lightness. Barriers dissolved. Suddenly everything is possible. With joy. Since then, every decision and every step feels fruitful and nourishing.”

Phera Metzger, spiritual counselor,

“This was really a flash that was so intensely palpable for me. You saw a few blockages that were still there and immediately dissolved them, somehow erased them. And then I could see the golden miracle path I am already on. I came even deeper into my BEING. This is so precious. So deeply connected to myself, I can now move forward even more powerfully.

It is truly amazing what is possible with such an intervention. It really takes you to the next level immediately.”

Dörte Scheffer, Mindset Coach

“For me, just experiencing the energy of these sessions was a miracle in itself. It felt to me like an energy from the future and new time, leaving nothing where it had bound itself from old experiences and in the old energy.

In the first step, the experienced traumas are reversed so that they no longer act as a blockage in the system. Through this, Jyotima finally got to the cause of my issue. This in itself is actually miracle enough for me!

In the second step, the “miracle carpet” was then rolled out, so that the miracles that are ready to come into life now show themselves. My personal miracle is still expanding and therefore does not want to be made public yet. For now, it is a great and gracious key for myself that I have been waiting for a long time. For me, since the KK, an old seal has finally been broken and my energy has been in unity flow ever since.”

Marena Berndt, spiritual coach


Return to Vitality – Core Competence The Golden Tulip of Vitality by JyotiMa

The Core Competence ‘The Golden Tulip Of Vitality – Return To Vitality!’ – resolves deep traumas that can be related to different areas of life. These can be corporate aspects as well as personal aspects. In different layers new vital impulses are released, which open up new perspectives and an easier way to move forward full of success and abundance.

Per single aspect 300 €.

Return to Vitality in business –
Your offer is stagnating, you don’t know what to do?
Golden Tulip dissolves deep blockages and old thought structures and rebuilds the business structure in a new and invigorating way. New perspectives appear, energy flows again, your business flourishes anew. You receive bubbling ideas and offers that really suit you and your life path with your business.

Release deep-seated energetic blockages and handbrakes that hinder your success. Revitalizing potential, reorienting towards a vibrant, fulfilling and thriving business.

3-4 appointments per month 1:1 via video call, combinable with an accompanying mentoring program.
From 2500 € plus VAT. Price individually according to income.

“That was just amazing, I have never felt my heart like I did after your session with the Golden Tulip, Return to Vitality!” Sanja Tuwet

“Since we had the sessions <<Return to Vitality in Business>> together, I feel the joy of developing my vision and business. Things are flowing again. Ideas come and I implement them. In a joy and ease, which I missed before. My enthusiasm and connection to my heart’s love is visibly flowing again. I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!”
Selia Roswitha Simon,

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