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Hi, I’m Jyotima – your online business mentor…

You want to know how I managed,


to develop my own profitable online business strategy for coaches, therapists and entrepreneurs?


to build a successful automated online business as a single mom with a 25-hour week?


passively earn six figures+ with a sales funnel without selling my own soul or faking myself in the process?

It all started in the jungle of Rio de Janeiro…

I had two big goals at the time: To successfully launch my first book and to continue to be visible to my customers in Europe.

So I started my blog, my Facebook page and my YouTube channel and began promoting my book (which I must have sold 45 copies of ­čÖé That was the start of my online business!

Back in Hamburg, as a single parent, I was looking for a way to earn money quickly without going back to a permanent job. Investing 70 hours a week in my own business with a small child wasn’t an option either.

But one thing was clear to me: I wanted to share my knowledge with other people! But how?

Everything that was available on the subject of online business in 2013 came from the American market. I soon found out for myself that not everything that works great in the USA is also suitable for German-speaking countries: Various tips from hyped blogging experts went absolutely down the drain – it felt like I earned 3 x 69,- Euros in one summer, trying to sell cheap courses!

You can probably imagine how frustrated I was.


The breakthrough

However, as giving up was not an option, I developed my own powerful methods of marketing and energetic coaching – such as my Mini-Course Method.

This enabled me to build a profitable online business with an automated sales funnel – leaving enough time for me, my daughter and my creative ideas!

I now have over 35.000 followers on my channels, appearances in front of hundreds of people, bestselling books and 5-figure launches – and best of all, thanks to my very clear positioning, I now only attract customers who tick just like me – my superfans, my tribe.

What a great feeling it is to be able to work with customers with ease – my fulfillment!


You also want


a clear positioning to attract your dream customers?


Visibility on social media without being active online for hours every day?


Sell your courses successfully all the time, without costly marketing?

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If you wait, you die! What applies to life in general is especially true in the online business: there’s something new to discover every day!

And that’s how I came across TikTok in 2020. While everyone still thought this platform for dancing teenagers couldn’t be taken seriously, I went viral with my first videos. I created my first TikTok course for self-employed people and preferred to trust my inner voice rather than countless critical comments on Facebook. Today, I have enormous visibility there with my videos! And now even on many platforms such as Reels, Shorts & Co. Even my advertisements are in TikTok style. Do you want one too? Then book a free call with me and we’ll work out your perfect lighthouse strategy together.

And now?

As a single mom with only 25 hours a week, I made 6 figures with my online business and am now one of the most experienced online business coaches and mentors in the German-speaking world. It took a lot of trial and error, effort and expensive training. Would you prefer to achieve success with ease? Then benefit from my know-how! My path is your shortcut to a successful online business.

I’ll help you create your automated sales funnel in just a few months. Because online business can be easy for you too.



Can’t get enough of me? Here are 7 more things about me and my life that will definitely surprise you…


Rio de Janeiro, my power place. Here, between the beach and the mountains, I thrive and recharge my batteries! I lived there for a total of three years and started my online business from there.

Be a lighthouse, not a tea light! In 2017, my challenge was called “Visible as a lighthouse”, and from then on it was set. In 2019, I had the slogan protected and have owned the trademark ever since!

I studied communication design, worked in the best German advertising agencies, but quit my job in 2002 and preferred to travel around Australia instead. There I discovered spirituality, later trained as a spiritual teacher and gave seminars for hundreds of people. Feeling energy and new opportunities is simply part of my work!


Ever since I wore a red dress on stage, my brand has been red. You wouldn’t believe what a powerful lever it has made for my business. Show yourself powerfully with your brand that sticks in people’s minds!


I used to paint all the time, come up with advertising campaigns for Mercedes-Benz and now I am constantly creating new books. For me, they are the ideal medium for conveying detailed knowledge in a clear and tangible way. Here you can find one of my latest books.


I prefer to spend my free time actively with my daughter roller-skating, doing arts and crafts and cycling. I am then completely there for her and can switch off. Every now and then I proudly check my cell phone to see how many courses I have sold in the meantime.

So, enough of reading? Let’s get started together now:

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“I found the right strategy to win customers in the Katsching Academy plus mentoring. Jyotima is full of energy and takes you by the hand with all your questions. I am absolutely thrilled.” VANESSA RONECKER-JACOB.┬á┬áStrategy developer for more serenity

“Finally reaching many people with my courses and my meditations, that was my goal and that led me to the Katsching Academy with Jyotima. After just 3 months, I already have an online business website, a social media strategy with lots of reels, my own courses and a subscription model – I’m thrilled.”
ANJALI CARMEN BUTZ, Certified Healer


“The Katsching Academy plus mentoring has really pushed my online business forward. Automating processes, selling at higher prices and earning more with less effort – simply the right decision!” ANGELINA KROPFINGER, Psychologist


“Transferring an offline business to the online world and helping young people reach their full potential is something we’ve successfully achieved with the Katsching Academy plus mentoring – brilliant. Great thinking from Jyotima, technical support at all times, quick results and solutions!” MICHAEL PICARD, www.lebensmacher.de

“In just a few weeks, I finally positioned myself in the Rockstars online course, rebuilt my website, launched a freebie and two ready-to-book courses! And that was just the beginning!”
MICHAELA MASONER, Spiritual Mentor

“I am totally convinced and inspired by the mini course method as a business idea and can only recommend the collaboration and mentoring with Jyotima to everyone!”

“The Rockstars online course plus the mentoring with Jyotima really convinced me and gave my business even more polish. Your effervescent ideas and empathy with people are outstanding for me and I have never experienced them like this anywhere else. 100 %!”
YASMIN BIRK, Business etiquette

I got to know Jyotima as a competent, empathetic mentor who is bursting with ideas. I think her clear videos in which she explains the technical tools in an understandable way are great. At the Katsching Academy, she always has my customers’ perspective in mind and supports me with situation-specific ideas, clever headlines and concrete implementation tips.” ANDREANA FISCHER, Augenzeit

Be a lighthouse, not a tea light!

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