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Hi, I’m JyotiMa (Online Business Mentor, Author)!

2011 I started my online business you can often find me being interviewed on TV, on stage, I am visible to several thousand followers daily.

I have already helped thousands of people find their heart business, attract more clients and build a successful online business
full of freedom!

Known from:

“During the business mentoring with Jyotima, a completely new website was created. I created and posted 4 new mini-courses, placed advertisements, and best of all, my first book was born!”
MARGA NEERAJ KADE, Spiritual Teacher, Guide and Author

“Together with Jyotima, everything was a reality in a few months. My first book, my first lecture! Working by the hour became packages. Everything flowed with great ease. I can recommend Jyotima 100%, she is worth every penny.” CORNELIA ZIT, Kinesiologist

„I was unsure with which theme I will go out. Since the VIP day with Jyotima, my uncertainty has turned into certainty and the searching for positioning has ended!”
INES JABS, Selling for Women

“After a few sessions with Jyotima, I finally found the missing link and after a short time I was able to position myself with my business in a more specialized way, which gave me 30% more sales and more satisfaction in my work.”
Sylvia Reher, Holistic physical therapy

“Tea light was yesterday, lighthouse is today! In the business mentoring with Jyotima, we first brought my life’s work down to earth with a lot of energy. Then we continued with the same energy into the implementation. Website, creating packages, setting prices, etc. Today I shine on congress stages, in networks and media. Incredible!” STEPHANIE RESS, Mental Coach

“I got so much more to implement, finally finished my landing page and can now offer my program, with more reach and great support. Thank you Jyotima for your intuitive and expert guidance and know-how.”
ALOKA LEVITIN, Therapist & Relationship Coach

“Jyotima picked me up from where I was just a few months ago (without a concrete idea or existing business) and set me on my way towards an online business. In no time, we worked out concrete steps. My vegan cookbook and my first online product were born!“ NICOLE KOSCHE, vegan nutrition

Do not wait any longer! Start your successful online business full of joy!


Be a lighthouse, not a tea light!

Jyotima Flak im Café

Hi, I am JyotiMa, Online Business Mentor and author.

I have helped over a thousand people to become visible and build their own online business! I'm also a single parent and a real Hamburg girl.

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