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Come to the free Lighthouse-Check!

You are ready to ignite your online business on fire and want to get started right away?

Don’t hesitate any longer. Your 6-figure online business is waiting: arrange a non-obligatory clarity call with me via Zoom – 25 minutes to see what will help you and your online business!



Please choose your date and answer the questions.  I will confirm by email and send you the Zoom link!

I am very much looking forward to the call!

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JyotiMa Flak

Tel: +49-177 55 66 330, Hamburg – Deutschland  •  info

“I found the right strategy to win customers in the Katsching Academy plus mentoring. Jyotima is full of energy and takes you by the hand with all your questions. I am absolutely thrilled.” VANESSA RONECKER-JACOB.  Strategy developer for more serenity

“Finally reaching many people with my courses and my meditations, that was my goal and that led me to the Katsching Academy with Jyotima. After just 3 months, I already have an online business website, a social media strategy with lots of reels, my own courses and a subscription model – I’m thrilled.”
ANJALI CARMEN BUTZ, Certified Healer


“The Katsching Academy plus mentoring has really pushed my online business forward. Automating processes, selling at higher prices and earning more with less effort – simply the right decision!” ANGELINA KROPFINGER, Psychologist


“Transferring an offline business to the online world and helping young people reach their full potential is something we’ve successfully achieved with the Katsching Academy plus mentoring – brilliant. Great thinking from Jyotima, technical support at all times, quick results and solutions!” MICHAEL PICARD,

“In just a few weeks, I finally positioned myself in the Rockstars online course, rebuilt my website, launched a freebie and two ready-to-book courses! And that was just the beginning!”
MICHAELA MASONER, Spiritual Mentor

“I am totally convinced and inspired by the mini course method as a business idea and can only recommend the collaboration and mentoring with Jyotima to everyone!”

“The Rockstars online course plus the mentoring with Jyotima really convinced me and gave my business even more polish. Your effervescent ideas and empathy with people are outstanding for me and I have never experienced them like this anywhere else. 100 %!”
YASMIN BIRK, Business etiquette

I got to know Jyotima as a competent, empathetic mentor who is bursting with ideas. I think her clear videos in which she explains the technical tools in an understandable way are great. At the Katsching Academy, she always has my customers’ perspective in mind and supports me with situation-specific ideas, clever headlines and concrete implementation tips.” ANDREANA FISCHER, Augenzeit

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