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Have you ever wondered why some people go straight through the roof with their online business and can’t save themselves from inquiries, while for others – with a similar offer – the course is gathering virtual dust? Today I’m going to reveal the secret recipe for a successful online business!

The secret recipe for your successful online business: Trust, Love & Care!


Step 1 for your successful online business: Trust

Every day we hear about online scammers who try to extract as much money as possible from their unsuspecting victims with a few lazy tricks and then disappear into the vastness of the internet without a trace. People are becoming increasingly suspicious and want a sense of security. That’s why it’s more important than ever to gain the trust of your target group. As a coach, trainer or healer, this is even more true: before you can sell your products, you have to build trust – and that doesn’t happen overnight. So how can you create trust on an ongoing basis? It’s simple: with the right content!

Provide your followers with regular content that takes them further!

This could be:

Regular posts on social media with tips that help your target group solve a specific small problem, e.g. if sleep disorders are your issue: “My favorite meditation to calm down!”
Newsletter: Even if email marketing has been predicted to die for years: This form of marketing has enormous advantages: You are independent of the whims of social media platforms, can reach your target group directly and offer much more content compared to a post. Just make sure your newsletters are GDPR-compliant!
WhatsApp newsletter: Collect not only the email addresses but also the phone numbers of your target group and send short, snappy WhatsApp newsletters!
Write articles in trade journals, speak in specialist podcasts or take part in conferences and become part of the community that your target group trusts. This way you benefit from the trust potential of others!

You need a little patience to build trust – you won’t achieve this overnight. Work continuously to show your target group that they can trust you!

Step 2 for your successful online business: Love

You win the love of your followers by being approachable. The hard truth is: coaches, trainers and healers are a dime a dozen. And at first glance, the programs, content and topics are often not very different. So why should I choose you of all people? As provocative as the question may sound, the answer is quite simple: because of you!

Your target group buys your products – because of you! Not only have you managed to win their trust, you have also won their love. Your customers find you likeable, trust you, celebrate your successes with you and simply love you! Even if that doesn’t sound very professional at first, here’s an example: When you think back to your school days, who did you study better with? Did you enjoy your lessons more? With the teacher you hated or the one you really liked and you felt that it was important to the teacher that you understood the content and took as much away from it as possible?

That hasn’t changed as an adult either: We want to feel that we are important, feel understood and build a relationship. Fulfill this wish for your target group!

You can do this with:

Content about you: Show yourself authentically and tell something about yourself. How do you live your own content? For example, if you are a feng shui expert: give an insight into your own rooms! Attention: still stick to your topic!
Use pictures of yourself in posts, not stock images! This will make you look much more authentic.
Give Lives on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc.! Most social media platforms offer the opportunity to speak live with your followers. Use this option. You can easily build a more personal relationship with your target group, answer questions and even ask questions yourself!


Step 3 for your successful online business: Care

A very important point for a successful online business is the care factor! Don’t forget: Your customers’ customer journey doesn’t end with the purchase of your first product, but is just another step – if you don’t leave your customers alone afterwards, you will turn them into loyal brand fans who will buy your higher-priced products, recommend you to others and increase your trust through their success!

You show you care by actively engaging with your target group – both before and after the purchase!

Before the purchase:

Create regular surveys to give your target group the feeling that their opinion is important to you!
Always respond to comments, answer questions or like posts from your followers!
Address your dream customers specifically: Not “if you have problem xy” but “if you feel the same way…”

After the purchase:

Offer your customers the opportunity to ask questions, e.g. via a comment function in the course or in a Facebook group.
Surprise them with a welcome gift on completion. This could be a bonus, a voucher for another product, etc. – there are no limits to your imagination!
For longer and higher-priced products, you can offer target meetings at the beginning, middle or even every week.
For coaching packages, you can offer regular lives or group calls – either as part of your package or as a paid upgrade.


Conclusion: Build a successful online business with Trust, Love & Care!

If you consistently take these 3 points into account and implement them for your business model, you will see that you are building a really successful online business with real customer magnets as products! Once you have managed to gain the trust of your target group, your new products will sell like hotcakes with every release, as your customers are just waiting to benefit from your expertise! By following these three steps, you will consistently accompany your dream customers from initial contact to upgrade and turn them into your brand ambassadors.

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Good luck starting your online business!

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