LIGHTHOUSE – VIP Program, your luminous sales funnel!

Sit back and you’re done. Your online business will be up and running in 3 months!

In deep mentoring sessions 1:1 we work out your successful online business strategy. We release the obstacles on the way, your business will create itself with all potentials for your target audience. We develop your successful and visible online business with my team!

In 3 months you press the start button! Your lighthouse online business stands with a unique sales funnel, 100% tailored to you!

yotimaflak, online business_be a lighthouse not a tea light, mini course method

My team and I will completely build your funnel in 3 months:

Includes premium website, texts, content plan, 3 months of social media (1 channel), podcast or youtube channel, your offers, a mini course, automatic payment processes, first Facebook ads, freebie and entry on your website.

Unique, high quality, 100% YOU!
You just get to grin and tell us your genius methods. VIP!

Additionally you will probably need: photo shooting, costs for website and mail provider, member area if necessary and individual budget for future ads.

Price on request.

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