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If you want to successfully market your online courses or offer calls as an add-on to your course, there is no way around video software. There are many different providers such as Microsoft Teams, Skype or Google Meet. I use Zoom for my workshops, webinars and calls. You can find out what advantages the new Zoom offers for your online business in this blog article.

  1. Simple application
  2. Great plannability
  3. Practical functions
  4. Breakout rooms for group work
  5. Compatibility with other programmes


Zoom for your online business – simple to use

To use Zoom, you don’t need to read lots of tutorials or invest a huge amount of time. You go to the page and choose the price model that suits your needs. The great thing is that you can use the free ‘Basic’ option for meetings of up to 40 minutes and a maximum of 100 participants. If you only want to organise smaller meetings, this will be enough for you to get started. As soon as you have registered, you can get started. You select the date and time of your meeting and can create a meeting straight away. You can add people directly as participants with an email address or create an invitation link that you can then forward perfectly. You can also add a whiteboard to your meeting or personalise your background. Your guests can accept your invitation and conveniently join the meeting via the link. They can do this on their mobile phone, tablet or desktop. All they have to do – if they haven’t already done so – is install Zoom on their desired device.

To start a meeting, you must first install Zoom. Then go to ‘Meetings’ in your menu and select the relevant seminar. Then click on Start meeting. And you’re ready to go!

If you are planning a webinar, you can also use the webinar function (you will need to add this function to your account). You can use it to hold live webinars with up to 100,000 viewers and also do live streams on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch etc.!

Zoom for your online business – great plannability

When creating the meeting, you can specify whether participants can enter the meeting directly via the link or have to wait in the waiting room first. You then have to authorise their entry individually. This gives you full control over who can join the meeting and when. This is very helpful, for example, if you are talking to several people but parts of the meeting are not intended for everyone or you want to make sure that no one comes to your meeting who has not been invited.

If you want your meeting to be repeated regularly, you can specify this here and do not have to plan a new meeting each time. The invitation link is then also valid for all further meetings.

The new Zoom also offers an integrated booking calendar for your clarity calls, for example. This saves you additional costs for tools like: You Can Book Me, Calendly or Acuity Scheduling.

Zoom for your online business – practical functions

A big advantage of Zoom is that you can easily

  • share your screen so that other people can see your screen and you can guide them through a presentation, for example;
  • you can give other participants the option of screen sharing if they want to show something on their device,
  • you can share information in the chat, such as your email address or important details, which your participants can then copy out themselves. Questions during a presentation can also be easily collected there.
  • you can record the call (and decide whether your participants can do the same)
  • whiteboards on which you can write like on a blackboard.
  • AI Companion, with this AI tool you can instantly create your own audio transcript of your recording.

Zoom for your online business – breakout rooms for group work

If you would like to divide people into different groups in your group calls so that they can discuss a question together, for example, you can do this easily and conveniently with Zoom. To do this, you need to add the room function – to do this, go to ‘Room management’ in your user menu and then select ‘Zoom rooms’. You can then easily create rooms during your call and assign different people to them. As an admin, you can switch between the rooms and answer any questions. Participants can only be in the rooms that you have assigned to them. After completing the task, you can easily bring everyone back into the shared call.

Zoom for your online business – compatibility with other programmes

You can also easily combine the software with other programmes. For example, you can offer appointment slots for calls on your website and create them with a calendar tool such as Calendly. You can then easily connect these with Zoom so that someone automatically receives a Zoom link for their call! You don’t have to create a call for each call in advance, the programme does this automatically after you have connected the programmes.


If you often want to conduct video calls, webinars, workshops etc., Zoom is a very suitable video software that is easy to use and still offers a wide range of options. Thanks to the tiered pricing system, you only pay for the functions you really need. Would you like support with this and other topics related to building your online business? Then get in touch with me for a non-binding consultation, book a clarity call

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