What is Burn-Out?

A 1 or 3 day burn-out treatment – helps with extremely stressful situations, bodily symptoms of stress, ears ringing, dizziness, tinnitus, high blood pressure.

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Burnout is an overdose in the soul. A too much of nothing. Or a too much of it. Another business meeting on top or three screaming kids. What else you put on top until you break down? Just before that happens your body says: “Nope, I can’t take it any more. Get out of the way – I want you to give me back my space!”

Are you simply exhausted or do you feel already pain? Pains that are pressuring you out of your aura, emotions and too much input without discharge.

If you can take it – you can do it all. You can drudge until you drop. You hear that whistle in the ears cause you don’t want to hear your soul and your own voice. You get dizzy. Your heart closes even more. Heart attack alert.

And now comes my recipe:

1 day of intensively being with yourself, beginning with breakfast until dinner.
(followed by possible 2 following days, more in the next blog)


1st Day:
Now very quickly:

You take off the whole day. Leave everything exactly where it is.

What you need is: 1 candle, 1 teaspoon of salt (recommended is salt from Himayala, crumbs or little pieces), 17 fl oz (0,5 liter) fresh water, some plain sheets of paper and crayons. Food and beverages for one day, eventually 3 days.

Tell your family you don’t speak for one day. Lay a notice in front of your door. Shut down your mobile, your radio, your tv, your computer. A private day for yourself is urgently needed.
Sit down and light a candle. Sit cross-legged or upright, both feet on the ground. Lay both hands at the back of your head. Stay upright.

This is an exercise to empty yourself, stay in this position for 8 to 15 minutes. If your arms ache, take a short break, then start again. Feel how the old is flying out of your system  layer by layer. Do this until you feel you have  much more space in your belly and pelvis. It’s like you create a new room in your pelvis. Keep on letting it flow. Discharge.

Now imagine earth is opening up beneath you right where you are. At your root you build a channel   that is welcoming the energy of the earth right where you sit. Breath. Let earth help you carrying your burdens. Pray. Speak with her.
Then drink something. Remain silent. Do you already feel a bit better? Sit relaxed. Please don’t fall asleep.

Now you can outline what it would be like to be happy. What it would take. Where would you like to be? Hanging around in a hammock, with your family. Lying in the sun?

Prepare 10 little crumbs of salt that you’ll need next. Write on a little piece of paper : “Feeling my heart”. Next is, you lay the paper on the windowsill in light, bright sunlight. Spread the crumbs of salt on it. Leave them for 15 minutes on the paper in the light, soaking up the sun and light.

Now you draw or write on another piece of paper what is important for you regarding that topic. Or write down the names of the people in your life that come to your mind spontaneously.

Imagine your personal picture of joy and of love.  See it and be aware: All this is good for you. You can frame it later on, if you want to.

Next you take one crumb of salt and let it melt beneath your tongue. Separate another one or two crumbs of salt and put the remaining ones into a bottle with fresh 17fl oz water. Shake it deliberately. Drink it sip by sip during the whole day.

Go for a walk in the countryside. In silence. No errands, no visit in a cafe. Slowly and attentively. Feel every step you take. Feel your pelvis while you walk. Feel every single muscles how it tenses and relaxes. Imagine an invisible string is pulling you upwards. Another pull into Earth is emptying your feet every single step you take, everything that was full before becomes more and more fluent.

Take another sip of the water. Hug yourself. Say thank you to yourself. Thank yourself and say it aloud into your chest (the heart chakra). Now go home. Do you wanna sleep? Take a nap. Sweet dreams.

Then it continues much more relaxed. In the afternoon, take a look at your picture or outline which you have drawn. Glue the last remaining two grains of salt firmly on it. Now let all the love you have flow into that picture. You empower everything that brings you joy with this. Stick the picture to the wall where you can easily see it. Above your bed. Above your desk.

That’s it.

Reward yourself with a special dinner, your favorite tea or a glass of wine. Best you stay with yourself. You can talk again, but keep yourself directed inward until the next morning.


Did you like it? Did you feel well? Did you feel a difference? Repeat that day occasionally – especially if you realize, you are not feeling good anymore. Decide if you also want to join the next two days and if you take them off. All in all it is an exercise for 3 days.

I’ll write about the next two days in my next blog. You then can treat yourself 3 days in a row – 1 day off from work plus the weekend. It takes only this to come back to yourself and to live yourself and your own life. To find a new power that lasts.

I wish you all the best for this. Take care of yourself. You are incredibly precious.
Wishing you much inner strength and health for your journey,


Download this technique:

Disclaimer: JyotiMa is no doctor nor an alternative practitioner. She doesn’t give promises for healing, nor diagnoses and doesn’t give any kind of medical advice. Treatments and counseling is not intented to substitute the advice or treatment by a doctor, special doctor or alternative practitioner. Spiritual healing activates ones own powers of healing and is not a treatment in the medical or naturopathic sense, but a ritual healing.

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