Burn-Out Treatment
advanced course, 2nd and 3rd day, see last blog

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2nd Day:

you need: a candle, many pieces of paper and a crayon, oil of rose (eg JyotiMa’s oil of rose ‚The Love of Jesus‘).

First day was your arrival, you emptied yourself, you devoted yourself, you reflected on yourself. You remained silent and took time for yourself. You created your own image of your love.


What do you want to do? You want to keep on going like that? What is it that heckles you in a way that is too much for you? Or doesn’t make it any fun what you are doing?
We change that now.

Lay down, light a candle. On your back, stretch all four, put your feet up.

Imagine you are lying in a net of ropes, similar to the ones on a playground, a net that is holding you and that moves when you move. It becomes more on a roll when you begin to bounce. It’s a net that is communicating, a net that is connected with much more than you can imagine. You will never fall through. It carries you safely. You can climb, you can bounce. You can play. Let your heart wander, where do you want to climb to, imagine it in your life. Where would be the ladder that leads to where you wanna go, in which corner of your life, what do you work, where to travel, what hobby will you have?

What is it that you always wanted to do, that you never dared or only have dreamed of that you might make it. Let your fantasy indulge. Let your heart experience it. Climb into new heights, into new ideas.

When you explored three to four of such corners, return to your center. Breath smoothly and deep. Stay in the moment. Don’t think of tomorrow. Gently tap your heart 4 times with your right hand. Breath deeply. Your heart begins to produce ripples initiated by your taps, they go as wide as the net.

Now again: gently tap four times with your smooth right hand. Carefully. Imagine how the points in the net that you imagined as your goals connect with you, they come closer. Only caused by your heartbeat. Caused by the vibration you have send forth. Other areas of your life, eg your work and what heckles you are sieved, things that make you tired are falling through. What stays is thinned and gains essence.

Re-do the exercise twice in full awareness, strengthen the connections to the the things that are fun and let be sieved what is old and tired. Until there is a good mix of things.

You are now lying on white gentle sand, made out of things that are fun to you and things you have been until now. They combine now and become a white soft cloud. Let everything become smooth and soft like it is in heaven. Absorb everything that it can give you. Let it carry you. Lay down on it like those lovely naked angels. Shine and let it shine inside yourself.

Write down everything afterwards. What was new, what made fun, what happened with your work, your family, what stayed with you, what are you living for? What turns you on? Write down everything in doodle. Without order. Relax, stay calm, keep on lying a bit, this has been a big movement inside.

Drink something and take a break for one hour, you can also talk now if you are living with others in the same flat. Don’t speak about what have been right now. Let it rest.

No sort your doodles. What’s up with work- what happened there? Don’t you want certain things anymore? Do you want to work less? Do you want completely different ways? What is with your private life, your hobbies etc? Sort every theme on one piece of paper. Work on it. You can also stand with your feet on certain pieces of paper. Does it feel good while standing on it? Is there then even more changing inside you? Where does it lead to? If you need help on that, mail me. I Can create a vision for your next steps.

Then take a bath and put three drops of oil of rose into it. If you only have a shower, take one and rub it on the still wet skin. Roses carry the energy of love. It will brighten your mood and kiss your soul. Let all old things go with this bath, strip yourself to the buff, let go everything that hurts you.

I think now you could begin to re-arrange your home, put on new clean linen, throw away things and to clean up. Open up a window. Put one drop of rose oil in the middle of the room or mix two drops in a vaporizer and spray some into the air. This will put new energy into our home.

If you have headaches or tinnitus, rub some of the oil on your temples or behind the ear.

Close the day with a walk, best in a forrest. Let old things fly away with every single step. Imagine sand is running out of every fiber of your being. Let it flow, let it go. Walk with every step more into the light. Mark for the end of the walk a person that is completely happy/ YOU, has energy, is self-confident, knows where to go, knows where limits are, knows what the goal is. Mark it with light, with energy. With every step of your walk you walk closer to that goal now.

You will realize the difference when you arrive.

Do whatever you want in the evening. Rejoice in a small group or only by yourself. Do nothing that is stressful.


3rd Day:

You need: Oil of rose, 1 stone, tea, cake,cookies , champagne

Sit in front of the candle. Put all the pieces of paper from yesterday and the first day in front of you. Sit cross-legged or sit straight on a chair both feet on the floor.

Do the exercise of the 1st day to empty yourself. Long and vast. Feel your roots, feel the space in your pelvis, feel the earth and your feet. Let itself expand. Create inside your body a room: in your feet, your pelvis, your belly, your heart, your throat, inside your head. Let vastness enter you. Now imagine a fire burning inside your heart. It’s the Olympic torch that always burns and always steady. Let it burn. Let yourself burn in all areas of your aura, all your body, all of your head.

Then let the fire wander to your pieces of paper, wrap them with the fire of your love. Open your eyes while doing so, let the fire flow. Can you see the fire wandering to your writings? What starts to glow? What hits your eye? What makes you feel pain or what builds up pressure what you have written? Let your fire burn continuously. Burn yourself free of your restrictions, your rooms that were build by your former convictions. Burn yourself brightly. Without effort. Let restrictions and borders go.

Make some tea. The fire continues to burn meanwhile. Maybe you were feeling the heat. You still need the tea. It nourishes your soul and takes away your fear. Make a break of 20 minutes.

Then you take a stone, a pebble, around 2 inches big, a natural stone.

Lay it into your left hand and make a fist. Lay all power into it. Lay your love and power into it, as your assertiveness. Let energy flow out of your body into the stone. Make it your “power buddy”. He will help you on the next steps.

Put the stone to your papers, rewind all you have written or paint a new picture. Paint a new picture while you burn brightly and have a new buddy. If you may fall into old energy patterns, take the stone to your heart, let him give you proximity and power, then keep on sorting out your papers or your new picture. The old picture is not bad, it is “the picture of your love”, but you can draw a new one, a “picture of freedom” with your future and a new soaked-up awareness.

Make a new picture with new ideas for your day-to-day life, your job, family, friends, acquaintances, leisure time or hobbies, life, future. Take headwords to all of these areas of your life or make some new ones that come to your mind.

Then go have a walk with the stone in your pocket. Focus on every moment. Thank your old footstep while walking,thank all old thoughts, every old part of your being while walking. Let your love flow into your past, into your old paths. Let love flow to your soul and contact her. See if it’s possible to talk to your inner child. Give it comfort and love. Hold the stone in your pocket and let the power of it flow to your inner child to calm and comfort it.

Now expand your love to your own moment while walking. Where are you right now in your life? Is this a turning point or only a stop to regain your power. How much ’new‘ do you need right now? Let love flow on every fiber of your being in this moment, help yourself to walk or to pause for a moment.

Then catch a glimpse of the future. Stay. Feel the earth beneath you, hold on to your buddy. Be ready to let joy and new consciousness enter your life. Be ready for a life that is ruled by you. You decide your daily routine, your rhythms, the speed of your life. You decide with whom you want to share your energy with and what helps you.

Return home and celebrate your new chapter with cake and champagne if you like it.

Before sleep you put again a drop of oil of rose on your temples, the heart and the middle of the forehead.

Next morning you can tell your family or partner what you would like to change. You ask for a talk with you boss, invite him for a coffee. Become friends. Tell him what you think and from me.

Then you can write me an email or you can make a comment about your experience. If you are able to live a more satisfied life, you can send me via paypal a donation. To write this treatment has cost me a day of writing. It’s a gift to your soul.

OK and now take care of yourself. I need help for many of my projects and you can help many others by telling them your experience with this.

Write me, let us work together in a network and let’s be happy.

Lots of love, JyotiMa


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Disclaimer: JyotiMa is no doctor nor an alternative practitioner. She doesn’t give promises for healing, nor diagnoses and doesn’t give any kind of medical advice. Treatments and counseling is not intented to substitute the advice or treatment by a doctor, special doctor or alternative practitioner. Spiritual healing activates ones own powers of healing and is not a treatment in the medical or naturopathic sense, but a ritual healing.

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